The mission of this ministry is


Goal 1  to help preteens and teens to establish a biblically solid foundation for their faith through the whole picture of the Bible in order for them to be able to grow to be committed followers of Christ and leaders.       


Goal 2 to help pre/teens to develop their Christian Identity (who they are) 


Goal 3 to help pre/teens to identify their mission (what they do)  


Goal 4 to help parents to be influential facilliator to strenght the faith of their children 



The most serious problem  is that the young generation has faced nowadays is the biblical illiteracy, which is almost getting epidemic more than  before. This is also true of the teachers and parents who lack the sufficient knowledge of the whole context of the Bible that is necessary for the full understanding of Gospel. Understanding the whole theme of the Bible in terms of God's consistent and coherent message would not only solidify the faith of believers, but also help to defend the believer's faith against the secularism that has played a significant role of distorting the existing faith.


    We have the urgent need to help the next generations to establish the biblical foundation, (to provide the biblical rationale) for their faith by challenging them to witness how the Bible testifies itself as to God’s zeal to send Jesus before long time ago in terms of how God’s redemptive plan through Jesus had been planned and carried out, and fulfilled, consistently, historically, prophetically, rationally, theologically. We hope to see, through this discipline, the young generation who starting to seek the rationale for their faith, get encouraged to solidify their faith based on the Bible only. 


Learning how the Bible testifies itself in terms of Jesus Christ helps the next generation to understand 


· The Biblical Context of Gospel (Creation, Sin, Fall, Salvation through Jesus Only)

· The Characteristics of God (Love and Just) and His faithfulness to keep his promise

· The Sovereignty of God who controls the human history 

· The Global Mission of God

· Christian Identity, Calling and Mission  (Who I am / Why me?)



Core Values


1) Biblical Knowledge


This ministry values biblical knowledge by training the younger generation to be equipped with a solid knowledge of the whole  Bible, not just parts of the Bible, to establish a biblically solid foundation for their faith.  


a) Deuteronomy 31:12-13 (NIV)   
 This verse tells us that we need to teach the children to listen and learn to fear the Lord. Not just with a fun and loving and  comforting concept only; the Judge behind the Gospel and the obligation of the mission should be seriously taught about to challenge them.


b) 2 Timothy 3:14-15, (NIV) 
    As Paul recognized the biblical foundation set upon Timothy’s mind since his infancy, Timothy learned not the segmented part of the Scriptures but the whole overview of the Scriptures (especially involving the Old Testament.) Teaching children to understand the whole picture of the Bible is essential for them to grow in wisdom. 


c) 2 Peter 3:18 (NIV)
   Peter emphasizes that we all need to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Gospel. Teens should not be ignored in this regard. 



2) Discipleship : Matthew 28:20(NIV)


This ministry values discipleship by teaching pre-teens who they are in terms of Christian idenity. (what it means to be followers of Jesus and to observe all things Jesus has commanded, as ambassaders dispacted by Jesus for the kingdom of God.) 


3) Evangelism :Matthew 28:19 (NIV) 


This ministry values evangelism by encouraging pre-teens to realize and enact the necessity of mission trusted to them by Jesus.