Why Story

It is necessary to write materials and curricula that specifically fit the purpose of a story based Bible Club ministry program for the following reasons.

The starting point of the BC ministry for teens is to help them to find God's redemptive plan through the whole picture of the Bible, and the plan is Jesus. In this case, reading through the whole Bible comes as an essential step for them to be able to catch the general flow of God's plans throughout the whole Bible. 

Reading the Bible is, however, not easy for the younger generation including even adults. We too often found it not age-appropriate for preteens and teens to accomplish in terms of the time limit and cognitive loads as well as the nature of the extensiveness of the contents in the Bible.

Secondly, the main texts for teens to read and learn should not be too many text based contents but rather visually based enough to draw attention from the pre-teens.

Thirdly, the main texts should be not pre-meditated summaries or outlines of the information or theological explanations but rather should be a "story based flow" itself modified for teens to be able to easily understand and reason out the necessary meaning through the flow of the biblical context with some guidance of teachers.


Fourthly, the major activities should be balanced between getting information through the story reading and discussing the issues and applying them to build up of their faith. Not with too much focus on activities such as writing, discussion, and other fun-based activities but only with just a small portion of "knowing the Bible", not with too many portions of "knowing the Bible" only without challenges to reason out the meaning of the Gospel and its application to build up their faith.

Fifthly, many good materials and programs require too much extended time (one to three years for example) involvement that may bring in many unexpected gaps in the students' learning process, due to absences, vacations, etc. which prevent students from being able to focus and catch the whole picture of the Bible at once.

Sixthly, not all contents of the Bible reveals God's plan for Jesus' sacrifice "obviously" enough for teens to see. The focus on the contents of the Bible that only specifically reveal God's plan for Jesus should be surfaced for pre-teens to be able to catch.