Older Children to Preteens to Teens 

How long 

6 Months ( one session for 2 hours per week: Total 24 weeks)

Time table


1ST PART: Review the contents

5 mint. = Discuss the warm-up Question in the workbook

5 mint. = Reading or Listening to each unit in the text book  

20 mint. = Working on the Reivew Questions and
                      Discussion on the Further thoughts in the Workbook

5 mint. = Retelling the main points 

Snacks and Fellowship Game: 20 Mint.  

2ND PART: Speech Act  30 Mint.

-Review their speech lines.
-Work on the speech action
1) Brainstorm and Choreograph the speech action
2) Memorize the lines. 
3) Memorize the theme Bible verse
4) Practice 




Creation - The Beginning of the Special Relationship 

Unit 1 

Opening: Which View to Believe? 
Creationism vs. Evolutionism

Unit 2 

 1)  Creating the World               
2)  Creating the Special Relationship

Fall - The Distorted Relationship

Unit 3 
  Sin and Punishment


 Unit 4

1) Moving Farther from God
             2) Start the special relationship, again :The Flood
             3) The repeated Sin : The Tower of Babel

The Creator’s Special Mission for Recovery :       1. Select People for His Purpose 

Unit 5 


1) Choose people for His purpose

2) Escape from slavery

Unit 6 


Law, meeting tent, covenant


Unit 7


1)  Breaking the agreement :The Calf Idol   

 2)  Breaking the agreement : The 12 spies  

 3)  Selecting the new group for His people    

 4)  Moses’ last Sermon   

2. Build up His people on the Chosen Land


Unit 8


       1) Entering the promised Land 
       2) Repeated sin and punishment  
       3)The godly leader, David and His forever kingdom.


3. Giving the New Laws for the New Ages


Unit 9  


1)  Punishment and hope
 2) The new Covenant              


Unit 10


 1) Repent and Return to the home country 
 2) The Second chance                                 
3) The repeated Sin and the Last Message


4. Jesus’ Special Mission for the Recovery


 Unit 11                     

 1) Jesus was born as promised.
  2) Jesus’ identity : the fulfilled promise 


Unit 12  


 1) Jesus’ teaching   

 2) Pass over lamb 
 3) The sacrifice for people’s sin  
 4) The resurrection and the Last command. 



5. The Holy Spirit led Church’s Special Mission for the Recovery

 Unit 13 


Church and Mission through the Holy Spirit